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Flying area info
Pilot: Giuseppe Simone   Date: 19/04/2018
Takeoff Info
Petit Drumont - FR [~9.3]
XC Info
Linear distance
25.3 km (6.1 km/h)
Max Distance
27.6 km (6.6 km/h)
XC Distance
66.0 km (15.9 km/h)
XC score
131.99 Airspace Violation: 2040,544,542,543,2491,969
HorDist: 15594m, VertDist:638m, Airspace: DC62C5-145 [CLASSD] 1889-4418m
HorDist: 8572m, VertDist:273m, Airspace: SX62MA-80 [WAVE] 1889-2437m
HorDist: 2196m, VertDist:273m, Airspace: SX62BO-80 [WAVE] 1889-2437m
HorDist: 2774m, VertDist:271m, Airspace: SX62LO-80 [WAVE] 1889-2437m
HorDist: 2218m, VertDist:764m, Airspace: CX05R164-65 [RESTRICT] 152-1980m
HorDist: 3529m, VertDist:331m, Airspace: FX25MARKS [CLASSF] 0-761m
XC score type
FAI Triangle
[ Paraglider ]
UP Trango XC3 Trango XC3
Flight Info
Max vario
4.6 m/sec
Min vario
-4.7 m/sec
Max alt (ASL)
2707 m
Min alt (ASL)
524 m
Takeoff alt (ASL)
1218 m
Altitude gain
1489 m
Max speed
56.7 km/h
Mean speed
30.8 km/h
Flight file
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Flying area info